Harriet, J. (2011) Teddy Boys. Harriet Ruth Johnson-Portfolio Blog. 

With the conclusion of World War II, the United Kingdom came to enjoy a period of peace, a cultural transition contributed to by media (including the, newly introduced, medium of domestic television). The 1950’s saw a rise of a cultural appreciation of freedom, as well as a financial freedom that, as well as contributing to the creation milk bars, coffee houses and record shops, led to the creation of the “Teddy boys” arguably the first youth subculture.


POLHEMUS,T. (1994) Streetstyle: from sidewalk to catwalk

Although a predominantly upper-middle class fashion and one, to some extent of exclusion along class grounds (not only in spirit but in practicality as the ‘Edwardian’ long, slim jackets with velvet trim with narrow trousers made for an expensive fashion) the Teddy boys influence, combined with the equally new, American music genre of Rock and Roll, created equivalent subcultures in the working class such as the “Peacocks”. 


POLHEMUS,T. (1994) Streetstyle: from sidewalk to catwalk.

With the rise of 1960’s fashion and the contrasting spirit it embodied the Teddy Boys subculture faded for a decade, arguably returning in the 1970’s, albeit with revisions such as drape jackets, brothel creepers and socks.  Nonetheless those few who continued the fashion into the 1960’s and beyond would clash, often violently, with other youth subcultures.  By the early 1980’s, however, even the 1970’s-revived Teddy Boys subculture was on the decline.   


Paul, T. (2013) The (Teddy) Boys are back in town. Manchester EveningNews.

Manchester Peacock Society was force to reclaiming of 50’s basic teddy style in 2010.

“There are Teddy Boys all over the UK now. There’s been a Teddy Boy revival on the way for the last two years,” says Urmston-born Julian Lord, co-author of newly-published Teddy Boys: A Concise History.


Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2013 Recreate teds.


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